Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unlock Your Story

Being a new mom with little to no time, the online class thing is THE way to go these days!! I am so happy for the internet and the worldwide community of creative people out're never alone!! I'm participating in a class offered by Elizabeth Kartchner (aka Dear Lizzy) entitled "Unlock Your Story". Just love her blog...always a great pocket of color and sunshine! It's really important to me to get all of those little, yet important, moments down on paper as Liam grows because I hear from lots of moms that the images you think will always be seared in your head slowly fade. Hence, my signing up for this class! They are lesson 7 right now, and I'm only on the cover but I will catch up sooner or later! I did not purchase the class kit since it utilized colors that were more inclined towards the girly side, so I used papers from the My Mind's Eye collection called "Lost and Found". Here is my cover...

My husband said there was a little too much glitter on the cover for a boy but I said: (1) the glitter was already on the paper so it was out of my control...always good to blame things on someone else...hee hee and (2) too much glitter??!!! Could there ever be TOO much glitter?!! Seriously....where has he been all this time!!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Liam the Lion

Hear me ROAR!! Well..not exactly...this is a gentle lion that giggles alot!!

On another note...I finally finished up my next mini album of Liam spanning months 4 and 5. I always get these great mini books from Eve Johnson at Evalicious...she puts together the cutest stuff! I also got a new baby one from her this past spring which I used to document our first month with Liam. She puts together albums using eclectic little pages of this and that...then all you need to do is add the pictures, embellishments, and your journaling..super easy for a new mom with very little time! Here is the cover:

Daddy reading a book to Liam...

Liam's first football game of the season! Eating chicken wings and rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles...
(Sorry these pictures are not the best...I have limited time for photo ops and even less time to write a post!)
I hope everyone in southern California is finally enjoying the cool crisp fall weather!!! Loved the extra hour today!! Have a great week ahead!!!