Saturday, July 17, 2010

Color My World... bright hues and sunny smiles! We actually made it out of the house this week for a day trip down to the South Park area of San Diego. I had read about it in Sunset magazine so we finally checked it out. I could have spent much more time in this little store called The Grove which was a bookstore, fiber arts/sewing store, and also full of other eclectic artsy finds. Liam was nice enough to sleep for a little while so I could pick up a few things. Here are some fun Amy Butler fabrics I bought along with a pattern for a turtle pin cushion from Heather Bailey. I also picked up these cute playing cards with peace signs on them which I plan to use in projects or for gift tags.

I've also been renovating this little corner of my studio and freshening it up a bit with some bright colors. I recently bought a bunch of silk peonies and this enamel green vase. I set up this vignette with the art piece I did a few months back and a poster I bought off of etsy.
Here is a closer look at the poster on the right. It's from a seller called the wheatfield. She has lots of great graphic designs using bright "sunshiny" colors. I purchased another poster from her that is a honeycomb pattern using pinks and polka dotted yellows.
And lastly, what could brighten my world more than a smile from this little guy?! He's finally holding his head up for longer periods of time and actually rolled over twice this week!! Yeah!
Hope you find some sunshine in your corner of the world this weekend!! I'm off to the Long Beach Flea Market tomorrow. Hopefully I'll return with some fun finds!

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  1. Hi Jenny Sweetie,
    I thought about you so much over the Les Sirenes event. We missed you!! I'm sure you have heard about the next event that will take place in Mar/April.... hope you can make it to that one! Your little bundle is just precious with a capital P! He is so cute. So happy to see a picture. :)

    Hope to see you soon Hon. I'm working on a prototype for a class I want to teach at Paper Tales so perhaps I'll see you there!