Friday, October 15, 2010

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Sorry that I have not been a great blogger these last few weeks. I finally returned to work on Monday and had to leave my little baby behind. However, dad's been holding down the fort and keeping little Liam all smiles! Thought I'd share a couple pictures of him now that he's five and a half months old. Finally sleeping through the night consistently..YEAH! Sleep never felt so good!! Learning to eat some new foods like avocado and sweet potatoes. Most of all, just a ball of happiness and smiles! How very lucky we are!!

Just broke out the jog stroller this week now that Liam's old enough and big enough for it. Step aside everyone...momma's rollin' by! He just LOVES this now that he can face forward and see the world from a whole new perspective....
Happy weekend to all!!!


  1. What an adorable little munchkin! Jenny you have a real "Looker" on your hands! Great pic of you too.

  2. You are both fabulous!! Merry Christmas Jen!!