Sunday, February 28, 2010


Anyone that knows me, knows that I am usually a pink and turquoise kind of gal. However, lately, I've been really inspired by bright greens and yellows and oranges and especially by what I call the "eco- patterns" vines and leaves. I have been wanting to order something from the Orla Kiely website. I can't quite narrow it down to one item, so while I contemplate that carefully, I satisfied my artistic inspiration at Target. The notecards, clipboard, and binder are from a line called Greenroom which I love!! The hardcase wallet was one of those things I've been looking at for a while but not quite sure if I'd use it. I thought I wouldn't feel as guilty if I wound up not using it that much if I bought it on a Target budget rather than splurging for the cost of what I've seen other ones offered for. I really love the colors and pattern, though!!

And then I also made this in my art journal the other night. The leaves are all cut out of Amy Butler fabric which took a bit of time but I was housebound with a cold so I had lots of time on my hands!!!
I have another page I started with lots of bright colored patchwork pieces of paper, but I'll wait to post that one until I'm done! Have a happy and colorful week!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kitchen Dreaming

While recently on a daytrip to La Jolla, I came across this oh so cute refrigerator in the display window of Fresh Produce. Isn't it the perfect blend of vintage and color?!! Of course, the price tag you see hanging on the handle was definitely not within my budget to hastily splurge on an aqua refrigerator. But...if I were to win the lottery or fall into some unexpected money...this refrigerator would definitely be sitting pretty in my kitchen!!!
Here are some pictures of my husband is still in awe that a single potholder from Anthropologie could be the catalyst for a room's color palette...that's why he's not the decorator!! LOL!!
And knobs from Anthropologie as well! Hubby had the second shock attack when the knobs cost about as much as the whole redo of the kitchen, but I think they give it that final perfect touch!

Now don't you think that refrigerator would look just PERFECT in here?!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Be Unique

This is the last piece in my 3-part canvas series. I was sort of tentative about it when I finished, but I think it's growing on me. I was attempting to "think outside the box" a little on this one and do something a little more altered...hence the use of the face I found in an Anthropology magazine.

I chose this quote because it exemplifies one of my personal core yourself! I think a person's individual beauty (and not the physical kind)- I mean the beauty that comes from what your soul is made of- is what interests people and draws people of like values to you. When a person tries to be someone they're not, it leaves you wondering if they even know which version is really them! Our life is a journey of discovering ourselves and becoming comfortable in our own skin, and that journey is made easier when we know what our core values are. I suppose that's why there is so much beauty in mother nature...because a rose never tries to be anything other than a rose, so when it blossoms, it opens its petals to the sun with confidence and pure joy.