Saturday, July 17, 2010

Color My World... bright hues and sunny smiles! We actually made it out of the house this week for a day trip down to the South Park area of San Diego. I had read about it in Sunset magazine so we finally checked it out. I could have spent much more time in this little store called The Grove which was a bookstore, fiber arts/sewing store, and also full of other eclectic artsy finds. Liam was nice enough to sleep for a little while so I could pick up a few things. Here are some fun Amy Butler fabrics I bought along with a pattern for a turtle pin cushion from Heather Bailey. I also picked up these cute playing cards with peace signs on them which I plan to use in projects or for gift tags.

I've also been renovating this little corner of my studio and freshening it up a bit with some bright colors. I recently bought a bunch of silk peonies and this enamel green vase. I set up this vignette with the art piece I did a few months back and a poster I bought off of etsy.
Here is a closer look at the poster on the right. It's from a seller called the wheatfield. She has lots of great graphic designs using bright "sunshiny" colors. I purchased another poster from her that is a honeycomb pattern using pinks and polka dotted yellows.
And lastly, what could brighten my world more than a smile from this little guy?! He's finally holding his head up for longer periods of time and actually rolled over twice this week!! Yeah!
Hope you find some sunshine in your corner of the world this weekend!! I'm off to the Long Beach Flea Market tomorrow. Hopefully I'll return with some fun finds!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jumpstarting Creativity

After the birth of your first child, you suddenly realize how all of the things you filled your days with are no longer the things that you fill your days with! Then, when you get 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to yourself (on a good day), you also realize how difficult it is to make creativity happen in the blink of an eye! So these last few weeks, I've been trying to revamp my studio a little in an attempt to jumpstart my creative "mojo". These are some of the things I've been into lately:
Anything asian this little corner of my studio now!

Anything that reminds me to be thankful and mindful and grateful for the changes in my life, even if things can be frustrating and crazy at times...(especially on little sleep)....
Anything that documents my little Liam's first days with us....and helps me to remember his story. He is almost 10 weeks old and already I can see him changing!!
Anything of natural beauty to brighten my home... Just got this vase last weekend at a flea market and hubby said, "That's a nice piece of milk glass." Wow...a man after my own heart...he actually DOES listen to me babble about all my flea market finds!!!
And most importantly, this little guy...inspiring me all of the time to be the very best I can be...even if I feel on some days that I don't have a clue as to what I'm doing!! Here he is, happy as can be with his little friend Mr. Sock is good!