Monday, December 28, 2009

Be Humble

I just purchased this book over the holidays called Be: Life is Here and It Is Now to jumpstart the upcoming new year with some positive thoughts and good vibes. Each left hand page in the book has a "be" statement(like beAmazed, beResourseful, etc) coupled with a quote on the right hand page. I've had a set of three long rectangular canvases that I've been wanting to make a set of related pieces out of so I thought I'd do three quotes from the book. This is the first one in my "series" for Be Humble:

(I got this sweet little birdkeeper girl image from an Anahata card I found in the same store as the book.)

This quote is a reminder to me of forces in the universe that are bigger than myself. Wonderous miracles occur; wishes manifest themselves in our lives; new people enter our lives, always with a purpose. These are some of the amazing things happening all around us, leading us toward peacefulness, a sense of calm, new adventures, clarity, personal growth, and a realization of our fullest potential. I try to think about the purpose behind the things that occur in my life and trust that even if I don't understand them now, their purpose will become apparent to me at some point down the road...along my journey of life.


  1. just beautiful, the art and the thoughts...
    glad to see you are utilizing your break to its fullest!

  2. Hey Jenny!

    How are you? I LOVE your canvas. It's amazing... as is ALL of your artwork. Can't wait to see the others. :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Beautiful canvas Jenny!
    Happy New Year!!!

  4. Hi Jenny!
    Love your artwork!
    See you soon!