Saturday, February 6, 2010

Be Unique

This is the last piece in my 3-part canvas series. I was sort of tentative about it when I finished, but I think it's growing on me. I was attempting to "think outside the box" a little on this one and do something a little more altered...hence the use of the face I found in an Anthropology magazine.

I chose this quote because it exemplifies one of my personal core yourself! I think a person's individual beauty (and not the physical kind)- I mean the beauty that comes from what your soul is made of- is what interests people and draws people of like values to you. When a person tries to be someone they're not, it leaves you wondering if they even know which version is really them! Our life is a journey of discovering ourselves and becoming comfortable in our own skin, and that journey is made easier when we know what our core values are. I suppose that's why there is so much beauty in mother nature...because a rose never tries to be anything other than a rose, so when it blossoms, it opens its petals to the sun with confidence and pure joy.


  1. I love your post... the pictures... your way with words... very beautiful. Just like YOU!!