Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kitchen Dreaming

While recently on a daytrip to La Jolla, I came across this oh so cute refrigerator in the display window of Fresh Produce. Isn't it the perfect blend of vintage and color?!! Of course, the price tag you see hanging on the handle was definitely not within my budget to hastily splurge on an aqua refrigerator. But...if I were to win the lottery or fall into some unexpected money...this refrigerator would definitely be sitting pretty in my kitchen!!!
Here are some pictures of my husband is still in awe that a single potholder from Anthropologie could be the catalyst for a room's color palette...that's why he's not the decorator!! LOL!!
And knobs from Anthropologie as well! Hubby had the second shock attack when the knobs cost about as much as the whole redo of the kitchen, but I think they give it that final perfect touch!

Now don't you think that refrigerator would look just PERFECT in here?!!!!!


  1. Yes, that would fit perfect in there! Great job with the kitchen, I love it!

  2. The fridge would be PERFECT in your kitchen!!

  3. That fridge would be perfect in there... your kitchen looks so pretty and homey... I love it!!!