Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Invitation...

"to consider what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing." If you have never read the book, The Invitation, by Oriah, it will inspire you to consider all the aspects of life that make each of our human experiences unique and meaningful...fear, betrayal, sorrow, joy, failure, and beauty. Each chapter of the book is derived from a poem that the author initially wrote which subsequently inspired the book. It's the kind of poem that anyone can read and derive meaning or purpose just hits a sweet spot in you and is so beautifully written. My goal is to someday create a large canvas with the entire poem written out on it. For now...I have used little bits of it here and there in my journaling and art. Here is the page I made with the little squares of paper and fabric patch-worked together.

I also used one of the lines in a small piece which I created the other night. I was between projects and wanted to make a little something since I had some free time. I had purchased this yellow canvas at Michaels a few weeks's made by My Minds Eye. I decided to use a mask and then sprayed pink glimmer mist, which ultimately created an orange finish. Then I ripped pieces of Amy Butler fabric and glued those along the left side. A few bits of this and that to finish it and it's ready to be hung in my office to remind me of all the other things in my life that truly, deeply sustain me... since work is not always the end all, be all in life!!

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  1. Fabulous work, and what a well-chosen source of inspiration. Oriah's words and wisdom are such a gift. I will keep checking back here, I am an artist and kindred spirit, presently designing jewelry and trying to launch my new venture. I am learning from Blogland, very stimulating. Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts. Rhonda