Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Fruit of Life

I've been inspired lately by the bright colors of spring. I had this piece of plywood I bought for a couple of dollars at this cool art store in Santa Barbara called Art Essentials. It's been sitting in my studio for a couple of months waiting for inspiration to hit. I finally decided to make a little "patchwork" of quotes and words using some things I collected a while back from Chinatown in Los Angeles. I really love how it came out and it is a constant source of brightness in my studio right now!

I chose this quote because I think it sums up this phase of my life's journey right now as I prepare to embark on the adventures and blessings of motherhood: "The thing you are ripening toward is the fruit of your life. It will make you bright inside, no matter what you are outside. It is a shining thing."