Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Accessorizing

What's spring without a cute little accessory to brighten things up? I just got this in the mail after ordering it a week ago from QVC. They had a Vera Bradley day. Her purses are not usually really my style, but they had a few limited edition pieces like this cute little number. It's called the Rosie Posie Hipster "Sittin' in a Tree".
This is the fabric inside the purse: (A great purse is marked by patterned fabric that's as good on the inside as on the outside!)

And here are some pics of the outside of the purse:

Too cute!! Just love it!! And so happy to have a downsized crossbody bag right now since I'm already carrying around some extra weight around the tummy...a big bag is too cumbersome and tiring!!! Happy light-hearted spring day to you!!!

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