Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rainbow of Color

You know how you buy something with this wonderful vision of what will be done with the item only to have the potential project sit on your desk or in a closet for the next 6 months? Well...that's pretty much how this project went down! However, I am happy to report that last night, in the single hour I had to myself before bedtime, I was able to whip this together and voila! here it is.....

This is actually contained within a white wooden shadowbox that I picked up at Aaron Brothers. It has a nice linen backing to it which made it ready to fill with colorful goodness. I bought this lot of pretty pastel vintage spools from an etsy seller called ArtfulVintage. I had ordered a group of these spools earlier in the summer for an upcoming class I'll be teaching, but I was lucky enough to snag another group of them that she had for sale..but for myself this time! The fabric swatches are from the Heather Bailey line and it's the same fabric that I used to cover a canvas that hangs above the dresser in my bedroom. Since this shadowbox is going on top of that dresser, I thought it would be good to tie in the two pieces with the same fabric.

A few old buttons strategically scattered near the bottom of the box for some finishing touches. I just love the rainbow of colors...don't you? They make me so happy! :-)


  1. Such pretty pastels. I never find pastels just creams and blacks and whites. Beautiful shadow box Jenny

  2. So very pretty Jenny. I love the yummy candy colors. My mom's lovely 93 year old neighbor recently gave me a beautiful box of vintage spools of thread. I love the smell and feel of OLD thread. Thanks for sharing.