Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Baby to Boy

Today marked my first really sentimental moment when I realized that Liam is not a baby anymore! He's been sporting something of a mullet these last couple of months since his baby hair grew out so much longer in the back than on the rest of his head. So...we headed over to Cuts for Little People and the sweetest gentleman named Marciano gave Liam his first haircut.

Afterwards it really hit me that he is now a little boy and not a baby. Here is Mr. Liam with his new hairdo...

What's not to love about a face like that?! (Good thing I have some experience with disciplining kids or I might never be able to say "NO" to that innocent little grin!)


  1. awww... that is a hard day... that first haircut! GULP! He is adorable! Both baby Liam and Big Boy Liam!

  2. What, no tears?! Liam is so brave! I hope you saved some of those blonde locks for a future mini-album.