Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cleaning Up and Clearing Out

I never thought I'd use a "free day" pass from motherhood to clean and be happy about it, but that's just what hubby and I did today while the little guy was at his one-day-a-week-of-daycare. Lots of little things here and there get grimy and overlooked in the daily business of work and caring for a baby over the last year. We made a list of things to accomplish this summer,and I'm happy to report that I already crossed three off the list today! I always start with the easiest and most manageable things to feel highly successful..LOL!! Really yucky jobs come last on the list. One of the things I completed today was to scrub the grout on the kitchen countertops. Who ever thought of grout on a kitchen countertop???!! Someone who loves to clean, that's for sure!! All of you out there who have a solid marble countertop in your kitchen, go kiss it right now, because grout is such a bear!!

These are a few of the things I fantasize about having someday...notice the grout-free item first:
  • a grout-free countertop and shower
  • an icemaker as part of my refrigerator
  • a refrigerator big enough to fit a full week's worth of food into it
  • French doors anywhere, but somewhere, in the house
  • a stainless steel sink (preferably a deep farmhouse style sink) instead of white enamel which always looks stained to me
  • a built in console for the television with bookshelves
  • great looking bookshelves that I could somehow make look way more visually appealing than the IKEA particle board ones that we currently have
That's about it...I don't think that's too much to ask for! Maybe someday....
For now, I will be happy in my clean little cozy house while looking at these beautiful flowers I picked up at the market yesterday morning...

Oops...I just realized I inserted these pics twice, but it's time to put Liam down to bed so it will have to post as is!


  1. Such a great post! It's amazing that it's the "little things" that would make us happy! I giggled over the IKEA particle board. I'm with you on the French doors. They are so dreamy aren't they? I've always wanted them too. My dream is to have a covered deck or a cabana of some kind with nice shade. Our backyard is great but there is no shade at all so I in the hotter months I have to wait until the later afternoon if I want to sit out there.

    Happy summer!

  2. Everything you dream of is great, but I'm not sure that you will like a stainless steel sink more than an enamel one. Steel sinks also get stained. In my opinion an enamel sink is a lot better.

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