Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inspired by Fabric

I've really been inspired to sew some projects on my machine besides just paper. This is partly the result of my new obsession with this blog. It's a new phase...ever go through that? I think I am making a transition from the vintage shabby chic phase to the vintage modern phase. Anyway, I have been taking my little white Fuji Instax camera with me to the beach this summer to take some pics for my mini album and I am pretty obsessed about not getting it dirty..anal, I know! So...I was thinking about asking someone on etsy to make me a bag for my camera when hubby suggested I give it a try myself. His famous words, "What have you got to lose?" So...two evenings of sewing later, here is what I created...
(Excuse the bad lighting in the picture. The only well-lit spot in my house to take a picture at 10:00 at night is on my bathroom vanity.)

I really love how it turned out!! I'm wondering what all you REAL seamstresses out there think?? I have a few other fabric projects to show over the next week...see you back soon!

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