Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Packed and Ready (I think)

Tomorrow we are off for our one-night family vacation in Laguna!! LOL!! After making two 6-hour flights this past year with a baby, I am actually relieved and happy that this is only a one night adventure that we can actually drive to!! We were lucky enough to nab one evening in the cottages at Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach, which we have been trying two years now to get! I'm soooo looking forward to hearing the waves crashing as I drift off to sleep!

Here are the first, and most important, items that I packed....

Inspirational art book, Art Saves *check*
Eye Candy decorating book *check*
Journal *check*
Instax camera *check*

All the good stuff accounted for!

On another note, I thought I'd post a picture of this cute little case I made for my iphone. My third obsession this summer (right behind my new iphone and this blog I mentioned in a previous post) is the magazine Molly Makes. Usually after reading a magazine, I rip out all of the pages that really speak to me and put them in a big binder of inspiration I have. However, this is one of those magazines that I actually keep the entire magazine! I have two issues of it, and I think I've paged through and read each one about 5 times!! The great thing is that on the cover of each issue is a little envelope in which are the basic supplies and instructions for a mini-project. I added the patterned fabric, lace, and vintage button to this case, but the rest was supplied. FUN!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inspired by Fabric

I've really been inspired to sew some projects on my machine besides just paper. This is partly the result of my new obsession with this blog. It's a new phase...ever go through that? I think I am making a transition from the vintage shabby chic phase to the vintage modern phase. Anyway, I have been taking my little white Fuji Instax camera with me to the beach this summer to take some pics for my mini album and I am pretty obsessed about not getting it dirty..anal, I know! So...I was thinking about asking someone on etsy to make me a bag for my camera when hubby suggested I give it a try myself. His famous words, "What have you got to lose?" So...two evenings of sewing later, here is what I created...
(Excuse the bad lighting in the picture. The only well-lit spot in my house to take a picture at 10:00 at night is on my bathroom vanity.)

I really love how it turned out!! I'm wondering what all you REAL seamstresses out there think?? I have a few other fabric projects to show over the next week...see you back soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anniversary Fun

Yesterday was our anniversary so we were able to steal a few hours away by ourselves to celebrate. First up was Architectural Salvage, which is the place to go for any sort of architectural items for a remodel or vintage accenting of your home. You name it, they have it! Old wooden framed windows, glass doorknobs, key plates, chandeliers, lights, all sizes and sorts of metal letters, and more! I really wanted to find some use for the old porcelain pink sink that I saw, but hubby wasn't having it! LOL! Maybe at the ten-year mark......

The Cantina located in the building behind the Architectural Salvage had the most amazing murals painted on its outside walls...

Then it was off to dinner at this fabulous place....Cucina Urbana. This is our second attempt at getting a reservation before 9 pm as it is a very popular place to dine! Let me just tell you...and I am NOT exaggerating here...the decor is like you are eating dinner inside an Anthropologie!! Here was the chandelier near our table...

And a display behind the greeters...

I wanted to take way more pictures of the inside, but I didn't think the people dining by all of the other displays and under the amazing painting would have liked me leaning over their table with my iphone! Food was fabulous and they are opening a new location this coming fall in the Irvine Spectrum area. You will looooove it!! Check it out....

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Story of Liam and The Pink Monkey

This is the story of a boy named Liam, who finds a new friend at the coffee shop. One sunny summer morning, Liam's Mommy and Daddy take Liam for a walk at the beach. Following their walk, per the usual routine, they stop at the local coffee shop for a shot of extra energy.

"But what will I do there?" asked Liam, knowing very well that he would have to wait in line and then watch his parents try to enjoy their morning drinks while offering him the usual Cheerios and juice.

"Look!" said Mommy. "Here is a basket full of animals..."

"WOW! You really don't lie to me just to get me inside this coffee shop!!" thought Liam. "There ARE animals in here...a whole bunch of them!"

"I think I'll just check out this cute little pink monkey right here..."

"Mommy...isn't she so cute? Please, can she come home with us?"
"No Liam. Not today," said Mommy.

"Oh, but I love her soooo much!" declared Liam as he gave her a big smooch on the face.
"I know she's cute, but you have lots of other animals at home to play with. Say goodbye to the sweet monkey, and we'll come back to visit her the next time we come for coffee," said Mommy.

"Well, alright," said Liam sadly. "I'm gonna miss you, but my mommy says that we can't take you home today. I'll come back and visit you. I promise," said Liam.

And with that, Liam placed the monkey back into the basket and was distracted two minutes later by a Golden Retriever loping around outside the coffee shop. "But Mommy...why can't we have a dog?..."

Friday, July 1, 2011

Father's Day Pages

I managed to create three different layouts with all of the pictures I took while on our hike on Father's Day. Most of the papers I used came from the recent "Countryside" Collection by Studio all of their stuff!!

B is for "boys"... I really loved this picture from the back with Liam on hubby's back.

Liam's hat kept getting pushed over his face by the overhang of the carrier...this was one of the many positions it fell into during the hike.

I read lots of blogs with scrapbook layouts and try to vary my style to stretch myself. This last one was the most challenging because it was most unlike what I would normally do, but I liked how it turned out.
I hope everyone has a fun-filled holiday weekend!! Soak in the sunshine!