Saturday, September 5, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

While adjusting to all the business of getting into the first full week back at work, I worked on this journal page--a little each night.  This page was important to me because it symbolized the commitment I made to myself this summer that I would try to do something creative each day, even if it was only for twenty or thirty minutes a day.  I also made a commitment that I would start doing more art for myself.  Don't get me wrong, I love love love participating in swaps and making extra special things to brighten someone's difficult day, but when I look around my studio, I realize that I have not been doing a whole lot of art to enjoy for myself.  This is when the art journal idea seemed perfect!  I've been nourishing that important part of myself that needs to express itself creatively.  Plus, the time spent working on each page nourishes the part of me that simply needs that little bit of quiet time to be with myself, when there are no deadlines to meet and there are no people knocking on my office door.  I know that if you're reading this, you can probably tick off about ten other things a day that fit this qualification. 

I know that if I don't "nourish" important parts of my soul, I will not be mentally and emotionally as available to commit to all the other important things in my day/life...sort of like watering my own garden.  

What do you need to "nourish" so you can be present for all the other parts of your life?  I hope you find a moment for some sunshine and water to your soul this weekend!

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  1. Beautiful journal page! I loved the message of this post as it is the same way I feel. I must do something creative each and every day. I don't often keep things for myself either -- just make and give away. I find so much pleasure in giving which is why I create in the first place. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! Peace & Blessings, Tammy