Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Cherry on Top!

Here is the last part of the weekend which I promised to show... a close up of the canvas that my partner, Jessi, created. Love it!!! It is going to look so bright and cheerful against my bubblegum pink studio walls!!
The quote is a little hard to read in the picture, but it says, "Just put your ear down next to your soul and listen hard." I especially like some of the elements she used because she included a real branch she found while out on a walk one day...which is one of the ways I think many of us get some alone time to ourselves to listen to our inner voice, the voice of our soul. Lots of times that voice is critical, negative, or just downright irrational. Right now that voice of my soul is saying, "You don't need to get one more productive thing done today...just sit with your thoughts and let them still you." I try to listen to that voice because it usually speaks the truth of what I ache for- not what my head tells me I should believe, but what my heart tells me really is. If you get a still moment today or tomorrow, what truths will your soul speak to you?


  1. Yesssss that's me! My email is

  2. hey sweets,
    im so glad you like your canvas.
    i loved the colors!!
    bright and cheery.
    i adore my canvas too.
    thanks swap buddy

  3. Beautiful canvas for a beautiful soul! Love the sentiment. So wonderful. I must remember it too. LOVE the wall hanging you made for the girls! I want one too!! wha, wha, wha. . . hee hee

    Hugs, Kim

  4. That is really gorgeous! I liked your "We Give Thanks For..." plaque too. I love your color choices - very cheerful.

    Have a wonderful day!