Monday, October 10, 2011

Project Photo Wall

Sorry I've been missing....I had lots of computer problems during the months of August and September so I didn't want to load tons of new photos onto my laptop for fear they would go missing!! Hubby has fixed the problem so I am back with some photos of a summer project I was so happy to finally complete!! You know how you have this idea stirring in your head for months...thinking about every detail of it and just chomping at the bit to actually do it?? This is one of those projects! It's a little photo wall that you see as you enter the house...and it has some of my favorite pics of Liam's first year...including this precious baby picture from the hospital! I can't believe that that was only 17 months ago!!!
The mini white frame next to it on the lower right corner is a portion of his favorite sock monkey blanket.

"M" of course for Morgan and 3 since we are a family of three! I bought the vintage metal number off of etsy and spray painted it candy apple red so it would stand out a bit. I also sewed fabric swatches for the 3 little hoops at the top of the display..I'm currently obsessed with making and hanging those wooden embroidery hoops!

I took a small old wooden box and lined it with paper to make a cute shadow box for the wall. I then glued one of those Tim Holz glass knobs to the top of the box. Then I mounted a vintage camera inside.....another new obsession being the vintage cameras.
That's all for now!! Thanks for hanging in there with me if you are still checking my blog! I hope it won't be near as long until my next post. Have a great week!

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  1. Just lovely Jenny! What a sweet and special wall of love. And the "3" is precious!
    Take care,