Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Packed and Ready (I think)

Tomorrow we are off for our one-night family vacation in Laguna!! LOL!! After making two 6-hour flights this past year with a baby, I am actually relieved and happy that this is only a one night adventure that we can actually drive to!! We were lucky enough to nab one evening in the cottages at Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach, which we have been trying two years now to get! I'm soooo looking forward to hearing the waves crashing as I drift off to sleep!

Here are the first, and most important, items that I packed....

Inspirational art book, Art Saves *check*
Eye Candy decorating book *check*
Journal *check*
Instax camera *check*

All the good stuff accounted for!

On another note, I thought I'd post a picture of this cute little case I made for my iphone. My third obsession this summer (right behind my new iphone and this blog I mentioned in a previous post) is the magazine Molly Makes. Usually after reading a magazine, I rip out all of the pages that really speak to me and put them in a big binder of inspiration I have. However, this is one of those magazines that I actually keep the entire magazine! I have two issues of it, and I think I've paged through and read each one about 5 times!! The great thing is that on the cover of each issue is a little envelope in which are the basic supplies and instructions for a mini-project. I added the patterned fabric, lace, and vintage button to this case, but the rest was supplied. FUN!!

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