Monday, August 24, 2009

Life Defined

I love this "quotables" line- especially the cards and magnets!!  This is my newest addition just in time to return to work....

After a relaxing summer of taking time to do all the things I love: time to reflect, time to create, time to slow down, time to take in the little pleasures of life- I thought this magnet would remind me to keep in perspective what is truly important to me.  I recently saw this other quote by Annie Dilliard:  "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." This got me thinking about how I should value my days more for what they are rather than as a means to some end, i.e. "getting through them" to get to something getting through the week to get to the weekend.  After all, how we spend our moments, our days, and our lives is often defined by what is most important to us...what we value.   I've been thinking that I need to embrace the day to day more often, even when it's stressful, crazy, unpredictable.  If I'm living to "get through" my days, then I'm really just "getting through" life and what kind of living is that?  Take a moment sometime this week to reflect on what is most important to you. If it's a person, tell them.  If it's doing something, do it.  Live your days!


  1. I totally relate to this. "Things will get easier when the kids are older, or elementary school age, off to college, and so on." But, in my heart, I know that when those times come I'll reflect in the place I'm in now...when they're little and so innocent. Thanks for the poignant reminder!

  2. I never looked at life this way before!!
    Such a unique perspective, yet incredibly insightful! I will try to do this from now on...I think that we would be happier if we took this advice to heart and actually put it into practice!! Thank you for sharing.