Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mermaid's Treasures

I've been in the seashell-themed mood lately, especially since it's summertime!  I recently took a class taught by the very talented Cindy Gonzales at Guilding the Lily.  Cindy makes absolutely amazing crowns of all sorts.  This was her first class teaching and it was fabulous!  She had other crowns with her as well, some made out of gorgeous combinations of paper mache and tinsel...all equally amazing.  This is the crown I made....

I plan on placing it atop a white cakestand in my living room along with some other sea treasures I've been collecting lately.  I recently purchased this altered vintage clock at a barn sale and I think it will fit nicely alongside the crown.  

Once I get the supplies in the mail that I ordered for this altered bottle, my collection of undersea treasures should be complete!  


  1. Hey Jenny!
    Congrats on the gorgeous blog!! I love it so far! Your crown looks so pretty! I am off to add you to my blog list!

  2. I Love this Jenny, It will be Beautiful on a cake stand too. Love the blog and can't wait to see what you will be sharing. xoxoxo, Jamie

  3. I love your crown! Your blog is beautiful, Jenny. Welcome!